Rogel alpher : israel is my home, but i can no longer live here

She seems to have spent five years in the country before moving abroad and then returning when her son enlisted in the Israeli army. The narrative of what she wishes she knew boils down to a list of faux-negative traits that are all actually positive in the article. So every failure of Israel gets turned around into a positive. In Israel people are shouted at and cursed almost everyday, especially if they ride public transit or have to be around people too often.

Families abuse eachother as well. Here are some that jump to mind. The longer you live in the country and the more you settle down with a family, the less likely are the chances you will be able to have financial dignity. Average salaries range around 10, NIS a month median salaries are even worse at 6, NISwhereas the price of only a small apartment is 1.

There is no possibility to have a single family house with land in Israel. Moving to Israel sentences your family to financial difficulty and likely financial ruin. Whereas if you are American, your ancestors likely moved to the US with minor finances and made money, you will make the opposite journey. Israel is a country economically structured to keep you as nearly poor as possible. You are expected to give to the country, the country does not give to you.

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Even between Jews, your children will be segregated into classes that are are for the religious, the national-religious or the secular. Even if you try to have friends from other backgrounds, the overall culture mitigates and works against you maintaining those relationships. In short you will trade an immensely diverse society that values multi-culturalism for a regimented entirely Jewish society. Those who move to Israel on aliyah enjoy more rights than Palestinians who have lived in East Jerusalem for generations, and many more rights than Palestinians living in the West Bank.

rogel alpher : israel is my home, but i can no longer live here

People abroad, friends from high school or university, will doubt your choices for moving to Israel. The accusation came from someone who is an academic and whose salary is paid for by the state. After I was called fascist and collaborator I wondered why the other academics present did not defend me at the time, or denied it happened. In another incident a Jewish activist in America who once worked for JTA and is invited to many Jewish events said my place of work should be burned down and threatened my family, for something that had nothing to do with me.

He was angry about an editorial at the newspaper I work at, which was written when I was even on vacation. For what? I believe in equal rights. But I was called a fascist because Israel allows many Jewish extremists to become unhinged in their debates and discussions.

Hatred in debate about Israel is common. It is one of the few places a Jew will routinely be hated by other Jews. That is a difficult fact to wrestle with. In Israel there is daily hate speech and incitement by different groups against eachother. Rabbis incite against Reform Jews, academics write about how they support ISIS or support terrorism, other people say that Orthodox Jews should be expelled or exterminated.There are photographs hanging on the walls of my dressing room in the Staatsoper Berlin; photographs that remind me of what I see when I look out the windows of my house in Jerusalem.

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They are slightly faded and here and there the paper is crumbling, but one can easily recognise the views. The old city, the Dome of the Rock with its shining cupola, the walls, the gates.

Sometimes I sit in this room before a performance, looking at these pictures and thinking of Jerusalem, of Israelmy home. Beforethis room was supposedly a refuge of the East German Stasi, the state police; if I happened to be a sentimental person, that fact would surely help me to become unsentimental, but I am not a sentimental person. The situation in the Middle East is much too close to me, much too personal for me to be sentimental about it.

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Since I have owned an Israeli passport. Since I was 15 years old, I have travelled the world as a musician. And inI became the only Israeli in the world who can also show a Palestinian passport at an Israeli border crossing.

I am, so to speak, living evidence of the fact that only a pragmatic two-state solution or better yet, absurd as it sounds, a federation of three states: Israel, Palestine and Jordan can bring peace to the region. My answer to those who say I am naive, only an artist?

That I am not a political person, even if I shook the hands of David Ben-Gurion and Shimon Peres as a child; not politics, but humanity has always concerned me. In that sense I feel able and, as an artist, especially qualified to analyse the situation.

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Both my paternal and maternal grandparents were Russian Jews who fled to Buenos Aires in the pogroms of Unfortunately, I never asked my parents much about our family's history. For one thing, as a child, I was very preoccupied with myself and for another, it was "normal" that we were in a state of permanent change. The story of my maternal grandparents, however, is a very special one.

When they arrived in the harbour of Buenos Aires he was 16, she 14 after the miserably long trip, it was announced that only families would be allowed to disembark; the quota for all others had been exhausted. They were both alone, and my grandfather said to my grandmother, "Let's get married! Once on land, they went their separate ways. After two or three years they met again by coincidence, fell in love and spent the rest of their lives with one another.

This grandmother was a fervent Zionist. Already inshe went to Palestine for half a year with her three daughters - including my year-old mother - to see if one could live there. My father's family, on the other hand, had completely assimilated; the "Holy Land" had no significance for them, at least not until they discovered that I was musically talented. Suddenly it seemed important to my parents that I, as a future artist, should grow up as part of a majority and not as part of a minority somewhere in the diaspora.

The conviction that normality would be a fundamental element of my intellectual development was, so to speak, fuel for the fire of my grandmother's Zionism: the Barenboim family resolved to emigrate to Israel. Our first stop on the long journey was Salzburg, where I participated in the final concert of conductor Igor Markevitch's summer masterclass.Rabbis Without Borders is a dynamic forum for exploring contemporary issues in the Jewish world and beyond.

Written by rabbis of different denominations, viewpoints, and parts of the country, Rabbis Without Borders is a project of Clal — The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership. What do we call home?

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Home is so much more than just a house. A house or an apartment, for that matter is where you dwell for the moment. A house is where you park your things, often temporarily. A home is where you have roots, connection and memory. A home is where you have worked to create something deep, meaningful and profound. I returned to the Chicago area this past weekend for a family celebration. I have incredibly fond memories from growing up there; that is the place that formed me into who I am today.

It is filled with people with whom I have long and deep relationships. There is a level of comfort and familiarity. There are beautiful sparks that bring back impactful moments. My second home is the one I dwell in now on Long Island. It is the home where we are raising our children, where we have created community, memories, friendships and impactful experiences.

It is the home that is open to all: a safe and secure place for our immediate family, extended family, neighbors, community and friends. I hope and pray that, like my home in Chicago, this will always be home for my children, even if they no longer live here.

And of course, my third home is Israel. I always knew intellectually that Israel was home, but after dozens of trips there over the years, there is no question that it finally feels like home. I have a connection to the land, the people, the religion and the history.

I have had so many meaningful and memorable moments in this home. I yearn to return every time I leave, and I always wonder if I should be staying longer. The blessing of the home that hangs in our hallway remind me that home is not something I can take for granted; I pray that everyone in our world can know the comforts of home as I do.

On Purim we are supposed to drink until we can no longer tell the difference between good and evil, right? Sitting Shiva. Modern Israel. Rabbis Without Borders.So far this war in Iraq, unlike its predecessor ofis not keeping us awake at night.

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The American war on Iraq, however problematic for much of the world, is for most of us in Israel a welcome attempt by a friend and ally to deal with a strategic danger that we have been struggling to cope with on our own for decades. Nor do I worry about a mega-attack by an Islamic radical movement. The United States has determined that these same mortal enemies of Israel threaten vital American interests, and that too is good news for Israelis.

An onslaught by a coalition of hostile Arab armies? Rather, I wake up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night because the government of Israel, with tacit American backing, is continuing to build and expand settlements in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

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That government included a Labor Party component that ostensibly constrained settlement expansion. We shall shortly witness even more energetic and unrestrained settlement construction, as Sharon and his allies deploy the settlements so as to create an unbreakable geographic interlock between Israelis and Palestinians.

Yet in the meantime we are losing the demographic battle. Jews are already a minority in the totality of these same lands—the State of Israel, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Sharon aspires to maintain the Palestinian territories under long-term Israeli control precisely through the spread and proliferation of the settlements. This plan is a non-starter. The same President Bush who seeks to dispense with our rogue state aggressors and our radical Islamic terrorist enemies, is the first American president not to demand outright that Israel freeze settlement expansion forthwith.

As if restraining the senseless spread of settlements is merely a reward for Palestinian good behavior. As if progress toward peace can be made while the settlers celebrate their hilltop victories in the West Bank. As if the image of Israel as a Jewish, democratic state is not the single key aspiration that unites nearly all Israelis, Jews and friends of Israel.

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Forgot your password? Get help. Home Perspectives. The Forgotten Lessons of the 4th of July. May Your Home Be Destroyed. The Man Who Jumped. Cry, Beloved Country. The Evil that Men Do…. A Historic Win. Hanukkah is not hypocrisy. When they shout: "We strongly condemn…". Thanks for getting in touch with us. Click here New window to subscribe to our Newsletter.Rogel Alpher : Israel is my home, but I can no longer live here - agosto 31, I need to leave my homeland, Israel.

I need to leave the country. My Israeliness and my Jewishness are not essential to my identity. I hold a foreign passport, not just technically, but psychologically. Israel is my home but it is not correct to say I have no other. Like every cosmopolitan person, strictly secular and with a universalist worldview, well-steeped in the global culture and speaking fluent English, I can have many other homes.

There are quite a few countries where I could settle, make a living and feel comfortable. Like anyone who believes strongly that he lives only once and has a right to fulfill his personal desires and flourish with a minimum of sacrifice required for the country where he pays taxes and receives educational, welfare and other services, it is clear to me that Israel offers me a bum deal and there are far better deals out there in the world.

rogel alpher : israel is my home, but i can no longer live here

Like any parents who believe that their children have no patriotic duty toward the Israel of today, and they do not need to risk their lives or die serving it, I have no doubt that I am doing them wrong by raising them here.

I am talking in a practical and sober language. He claims that we must concede that in our lifetime and that of our children, every few years we will have to wage a war in which civilians will be killed too. He is right. These are the facts of our lives.

Why I No Longer Support Israel

Missiles will continue to fall on us, because of settlers like him and because of extremist Arab groups like Hamas, Hezbollah and the Islamic State. My fate and the fate of my children will be determined here by people who have a God whom they talk to and in whose name they act. I think they are crazy.

What are the alternatives? The racist forces of Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman? The empty words of Yair Lapid? The useless pessimism of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu? And they shape our lives according to that principle. They live at Yad Vashem. I belong to a dying breed in Israel. I have no interest in devoting myself to the struggle against the occupation. I believe that it is useless. There will be no compromise. No Palestinian state will be established, and a binational state will be hell.

If you identify with me you will certainly admit that you will encourage your children to seek their future elsewhere in the world, for the sake of their personal security, psychological and economic wellbeing.

Israel is not worth the price it is exacting from us.One year later, millions of people from Texas to the Caribbean still suffer physical and psychological fallout from those disastrous weather events. Hurricane Harvey made landfall on August 25, and wreaked havoc among some 13 million people in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and Kentucky. Much of the greater Houston area was flooded and tens of thousands of people needed emergency shelter. Four of those local trainers worked with Rogel on his previous trip, which provided personal resilience tools to 89 police officers serving in a mental-health intervention force.

Rogel also will work with firefighters from nearby Santa Fe, where a school shooting took place on May Two additional sessions are planned later this year for Houston educators. Over the past year, professionals trained by ITC have developed methodologies and protocols to deliver to their own staff in preparation for the next catastrophe. In cooperation with Tulane University and other partners, Rabino is going door to door in a household community as a pilot project to assess social vulnerability and create a database of people likely to need extra assistance or education before and after a storm.

This information is being integrated with data about environmental and infrastructure hazards. Rabino expects to stay at least until the pilot is done in late October. What happens after that depends on the weather. On September 18,Hurricane Maria became the first recorded Category 5 hurricane to strike the island of Dominica. Two days later, Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico. Both Caribbean islands suffered loss of electricity, homes, agriculture and other infrastructure.

Since these islands are highly vulnerable every hurricane season, IsraAID and partner organizations launched long-term projects to improve disaster response and community sustainability.

Her team includes an Israeli environmental engineer, a local programs coordinator, a psychosocial specialist from Portugal and two American summer fellows.

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Working with Interamerican University of Puerto Rico, IsraAID volunteers are finishing a slow-sand gravity-based water filtration system in the rural mountainous Barrio Real neighborhood in the Pitallas municipality.

We had Tropical Storm Beryl in early July, and you could see a rising sense of anxiety. Six Israeli doctors, part of an emergency team supporting local healthcare facilities, saw 1, patients. Access to safe drinking water was assured for 2, people through WASH water, sanitation and hygiene programs and temporary shelter tents were set up. Working with a variety of partners, IsraAID then embarked on long-term projects focused on recovery and resiliency.

Two Israeli architects brought in by IsraAID are working with local construction teams and partner sponsors to reroof schools and houses damaged by Hurricane Maria. School building guidelines have been designed to ensure the buildings are resilient. One of these initiatives addresses the employment crisis sparked by the hurricane. Vulnerable young adults are being trained in construction. For over 16 years, ISRAEL21c has brought you the faces and places of Israel every day, spreading the word about Israel to millions of people in virtually every country around the globe.

First of its kind, our content is originally researched, written and produced by seasoned experts directly from Israel. We cannot do this without financial support from people like you. Prior to moving to Israel inshe was a specialty writer and copy editor at a major daily newspaper in New Jersey and has freelanced for a variety of newspapers and periodicals since Israel-US team find drug that can stop Covid in its tracks.

Bringing Israeli cannabis science to the US wellness market. Vegan fine dining in Covid-struck South Tel Aviv. New plasma cancer treatment kills malignant cells.

Israeli hero drowns while saving Bedouin family. How Covid is strengthening our ties to outer space.My family shed "tears of joy" on May 14,when the Jewish State of Israel was established as a safe haven for Jews. I was five at the time and didn't quite understand its significance, but I had been taught that an integral part of Judaism was anti anti-Semitism. A number of Jewish displaced persons DPs lived in my neighborhood, some of whom had been in concentration camps.

I also had relatives who had died in the Holocaust, and my parents warned me to never trust the Goyim Gentiles. When I grew up and evolved from Orthodox to secular Jew, I still felt a non-religious affinity to my Jewish "homeland. I later learned that the establishment of Israel was not a day of unadulterated joy for everyone -- because Jews settled in a country inhabited by other people and forced many of them to leave. In other words, Israel created Palestinian DPs.

Nevertheless, I continued to support Israel, focusing mostly on the anti-Semitism of countries in the Middle East that denied Israel's right to exist. However, I had a more nuanced view that required balancing security for Israelis with human rights for Palestinians. I also began to think that the Right of Return had outlived its usefulness. I'm fine with Israel taking in Jews who live in danger elsewhere, but not for giving immediate citizenship to Jews like me solely because my mother happened to be Jewish.

Aren't displaced Palestinians more deserving of the right to return than I am? Most Diaspora Jews Jews living outside of Israel disagree with me and support the Jewish right of return, even though you can't literally "return" to a place you've never been. Much has been written about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's opposition to President Obama's diplomatic initiatives with Iran and whether House Speaker John Boehner should have invited Netanyahu to speak to Congress without consulting the president.

However, I want to focus on Netanyahu's Zionist notion that all Jews living outside of Israel are in exile and should become Israeli citizens. In a recent pieceI described my view that patriotism involves pointing out your country's faults and working to make it better. As a patriotic American, I resent Netanyahu telling me that I'm living in exile. I live in Charleston, South Carolina, home of the oldest synagogue in continuous use in the United States.

I prefer the words of its rabbi at a dedication ceremony in : "This country is our Palestine, this city our Jerusalem After the recent terrorist attack in Paris, Netanyahu called for all European Jews to flee Europe and become Israeli citizens. And where would he house them -- in even more bulldozed Palestinian farms and homes? How about encouraging Jews to make their own countries better, rather than run away?

Netanyahu seems eager to hand Adolph Hitler a posthumous victory: a Jew-free Europe.

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My only reason to accept Israeli citizenship would be if I could improve the country by eliminating some of its terrible, internal policies. For instance, Israeli law forces secular and non-Orthodox Jews to comply with the religious monopoly of the Orthodox in matters of conversion, marriage, and other intrusions on behavior.

I married Sharon in South Carolina with no religious test required, but Jews in Israel may only have an Orthodox wedding regardless of their religious beliefs. When it comes to women's rightsparts of Israel are like Muslim countries, requiring modest dress so men won't become aroused, making women pray separately so men can't see them, and restricting where women can sit on certain public busses.

I think Israel is better than most maybe all other countries in the Middle East, but I don't want to grade on a curve. Were it not for the Holocaust, I don't think there would be a Jewish state of Israel to provide a safe haven for Jews.